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Mindflash is now Learn, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Hire and Perform

Learn more about how the Trakstar platform is revolutionizing talent management through integrated, flexible solutions.


A Mobile Learning Environment

Trakstar Learn allows employees to access a cloud-based virtual classroom on their computer or mobile device (iOS or Android). The anytime, anywhere flexibility helps employees keep up and stay engaged with their training requirements—and gives trainers the ability to track progress, view quiz results, and access historical data while on-the-go.

Mindflash LMS Trainee Progress Dashboard

Workplace Compliance Made Easy

As a SCORM compliant virtual classroom LMS, Learn makes life easy for training and human resources leaders. You can optimize content, define training groups, assign permission levels, and automate confirmation and reminder emails. All while recording the progress each employee makes in their individual training.

Your Virtual and Mobile Classroom

Experience accessible and seamless training with the Learn LMS. Find out how you can mobilize the learning experience for your business, giving trainees hassle-free access to engaging and impactful multimedia courses.

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Talk to a Trakstar Learn Product Expert for 15 minutes and determine if Learn is a good fit for your needs.

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