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Mindflash is now Learn, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Hire and Perform

Learn more about how the Trakstar platform is revolutionizing talent management through integrated, flexible solutions.


Designed for Busy Nonprofit Employees and Volunteers

Every organization needs to keep its employees and members up-to-date on new information, new regulations, and new skills. However, in many nonprofits, resources are stretched thin, and making sure employees, as well as volunteers, have received adequate training isn’t feasible. That can lead employees underperforming, experiencing job dissatisfaction, and eventually seeking new opportunities elsewhere. By implementing a cloud-hosted LMS such as Learn, your employees and volunteers can receive training 24/7 anywhere around the world with an internet connection.

Mindflash LMS Trainee Progress Dashboard

Achieve Your Mission with Trakstar Learn

What happens when your nonprofit employees and volunteers are trained in all the pertinent regulations and job skills they need to succeed? Great things. They become more effective fundraisers and champions of your nonprofit’s mission. They’ll be more satisfied with their role in the organization and will be more likely to stay. Having trained, happy employees and volunteers is a priceless asset to an organization – and cuts down on costs associated with employee overturn and onboarding.

Track Progress, See Results

With Learn’s reporting tools, managers can see how employees and volunteers are doing, individually or as a group.  This allows the ability to give extra help to employees and volunteers who are struggling.  Administrators can use quizzes to test comprehension and retention to make sure employees really “got” the material.

Building courses in Learn is just as easy as taking them. You can import existing content, so you don’t need to create courses from scratch and tweak them as you start to get feedback. Plus, with Learn, there’s no limit on the number of courses you can create – make as many training courses as you want.

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